Salary Loan

A loan available regular employees in selected job categories. This is a non-collateral loan up to php 100,000. Low interest rates and easy requirements for those who require more than php 30,000. Salary Loan is available in selected branches.



    •   Proof of Billing (Permanent and Present Address)at least 3 mos. old
    •   2 Valid ID's (1 Government Issued & 1 Company ID)
    •   Contract/COE (photocopy)
    •   2 Latest Consecutive Payslips
    •   Payroll ATM (with account number)
    •   TIN number or SSS number


    •   Proof of Billing (Permanent and Present Address)at least 3 mos. old
    •   TIN number or SSS number
    •   Birth Certificate (if single)
    •   Marriage Certificate (if married)
Example of valid I.D's.
    •   Driver's Licence
    •   Passport
    •   Barangay Certification
    •   SSS Card
    •   PRC ID
    •   Postal ID
    •   OWWA ID
    •   GSIS Card
    •   NBI Clearance
    •   Voters ID
    •   OFW ID
    •   Police Clearance
    •   Phil health Card
    •   Seaman's Book
    •   Company ID

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quick easy friendly loan service for our clients. We assist them to meet loan requirements, we collect loan obligations in a professional supportive environment and we achieve a win/win for our client and the company