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Our mission is to provide our clients with a quick, easy OFW loan at a reasonable interest rate.

Many Filipinos go overseas to work every year in order to provide a more comfortable life for their families. We offer loans to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have secured work abroad. The loan is a non-collateral Personal loan, usually repayable within 12 months or less if the applicant choses.

1 2 3 LENDING is the LEADER IN OFW LOANS. Our rates are the best and our friendly fast processing makes it easy to borrow. We can do same day processing and release. The amount you borrow is the full amount that you will receive. We do NOT take any deductions from your full loan amount. We are able to defer your first loan repayment for two months to enable you to get established in your new job overseas.

We consider our clients as friends and they can be assured that they will be treated with friendly courtesy and respect at all times.

You may fill in our on-line form here and we will contact you. Applicants will need to submit requirements through online or applicant may visit one of our branches in Manila, Cebu or Cagayan de Oro and submit the requirements. See the OFW list of requirements here.

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